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below before viewing this slideshow video.)

   CentList is a marketing--and soon to also be, networking--site intended to give its members increased options and flexibility in regard to marketing and, in the future, in regard to networking/connecting with others. Personal ads will also become part of the inventory as time goes on. All listings are FREE in these initial stages so that a viable membership can be assembled.
   I, Keith Anderson, am the manager of the static portion of the CentList model, while my partner, Myke Carter, is the programmer of INTERACTIVE.

   I'm one who believes that progressive economics--economics that benefits the whole while rewarding the capable and motivated--is a MUST if we are to advance as a species. CentList was born, as part of Ad Spread Collective (ASC), out of my desire to apply progressive--or "evolved"--economics in such a way as to create a tide that would lift many boats while distributing capital in strategic manners designed to improve the lot of earth and man.
   It also originated from my mission to provide sellers/merchants--especially the little guys--with an empathetic marketing mechanism that would allow them to list products/services on the Web very cheaply and thusly pass those savings on to their customers. And, of course, respect for Mother Earth should be the queen bee in all our decisions regarding the actions we take on this planet.

   CentList seeks to tie the elements of progressive-economics/ecological-preservation together in such a way as to allow its members the option of contributing extra funds to human-advancement/ecological causes in exchange for the reward of heightened exposure for the listings they post. Thus, the CHARITIES and causes that CentList supports will reap the benefits of either or all the human traits of ambition, greed and/or generosity harbored by the seller members who donate the charity surcharges in order to better ensure that their listings are given top priority and are thusly seen first by consumer eyes.

   Another desire of mine is to provide an electronic financial-transaction mechanism that would allow sellers, as well as individuals in particular, to instantaneously send money/payments to others while, as much as possible, avoiding any fees for doing such. Therefore, the Ad Spread Collective Transaction Fund (ASCTF) is a future project which, when completed, will function as a free-to-use debit-type money-transfer system that eliminates the nuisance fees associated with such exchanges.
   Along with that, how about a network of receiving centers that will receive the goods you order on CentList, whereupon you can inspect them and release final payment to the sellers upon your approval and pickup of the goods? How's that for customer protection and assurance? This also is a future plan.

   CentList will place special emphasis on promoting green/fair-trade products/services; however, understand, any and all honorable sellers/merchants selling legitimate products/services--whether green or not so green--are allowed to join the fray. The main thing we want is for our members to treat their customers right! Those who do strengthen our positive reputation; those who don't detract from our good name--and will thusly be removed.
   In regard to this, CentList is using the person-to-person, grassroots, recruitment method in order to screen for the most reliable new seller members, whereby recruiters will be rewarded via "Recruited by" links being placed on their recruits' pages and via eligibility of being placed onto the TOP 100 RECRUITERS list.

   This is a project that will be in constant development--as all sites should be. We are now in PHASE ONE. Details concerning the current plans for the added capabilities for PHASES TWO & THREE will be available for your perusal.

   In the future, when/if CentList gains sufficient notoriety and popularity to warrant the charging of fees, all existing members will be notified and given a deadline to sign up to begin paying fees to post new listings or to continue existing ones. Those who fail to sign up before the deadline will simply have their existing listings deleted--no back-fees owed, no strings attached. However, their accounts will remain active, whereby they could still sign up to pay to re-post their listings.

   For a list of the basic advantages (FUTURE ADVANTAGES) awaiting members when/if fees are charged, click here.

   To see the current list of tremendous opportunities and exciting plans available now and/or waiting in the wings, make sure you check out OPPORTUNITIES.

   With your help, CentList can be one of the greatest forces for evolved-socioeconomics/ecological-preservation the world will ever know. You can support the cause by helping us raise funds: ASC FUNDRAI$ING.

   Thanks for your time...and welcome to the CentList MOVEMENT!