1. ...remove all obstacles and insecurities impeding legitimate marketing and commerce—especially those preventing small concerns from growing and thriving.

  2. ...engineer a marketing/advertising model of minimal cost to use and capable of generating a strong and balanced economy.

  3. ...incorporate an emphasis of green/fair-trade and charitable activity into said marketing/ advertising model capable of rewarding those who provide goods/services benevolent to earth and man and of extolling those who contribute to magnanimous human endeavor beneficial to the world and its living inhabitants.

  4. ...establish a global support-base of members willing to distribute promotional material regarding said marketing/advertising model, thereby providing increased exposure for all concerned.

  5. ...make electronic financial transactions as fee-free and non-restrictive as possible so that all money saved will translate into lower prices as well as increased profits.

  6. ...establish a third-party network to receive goods and to release payment to sellers and goods to customers when all conditions have been satisfactorily met regarding all parties concerned.


THE SPECIFICS—The Establishment/Development of...

...the CENTLIST.COM WEB SITE (active now) which is free to join, and which, in the future, will charge minimal fees—as low as 5¢, with no commissions charged—to list products/services and to post listings in other categories allowing members to network regarding various endeavors.
Listings are free for now; however, in the future, members will be able to elevate the status of their listings in proportion to the amount of donations they make to CentList-supported charities/causes which CentList feels are the best charities/causes in combination to benefit Earth and man in regard to ecological preservation, human/animal rights, and progressive-economic activity. (See “
CHARITIES” on the INTERACTIVE site.) One of said charities/causes will be the CentList Green Product Fund, wherein CentList will purchase green/fair-trade goods
from its seller members and auction them back to the public at a starting bid of 1¢. The CentList Electric Vehicle Fund will operate on that same basic principle—helping spur the rapid conversion to electric transportation.

 ...the CENTLIST SUPPORTER NETWORK, which will consist basically of store/business owners willing to help distribute CentList catalogs/literature in exchange for being given extra exposure regarding CentList Web presence as well as 1,000 free listings per year when CentList begins charging listing fees in the future. (This is available NOW to those interested in first becoming CentList seller members.)

 ...the AD SPREAD COLLECTIVE TRANSACTION FUND (ASCTF)—a future ASC enterprise that will function as a free-to-use financial-transaction mechanism allowing its members to transfer money back and forth in a debit-type manner, whether they’re involved with ASC functions or are just dealing with one another outside of ASC activities. Besides offering free transactions, it will also allow merchants to charge less for goods and services by helping to eliminate much of the credit/debit card fees associated with those purchases.

 ...CENTLIST RECEIVING CENTERS—a future endeavor comprised of a network of receiving centers that will receive goods ordered via CentList, whereupon the buyers can inspect them and release final payment to the sellers upon their approval and pickup of the goods, thus serving as the ULTIMATE mechanism for customer security and satisfaction. (Of course, participating Receiving Center operators would receive a small fee for this service.)

Support the MOVEMENT by...

...patronizing the entities listed on ASC FUNDRAI$ING.
(Do you have a business that offers an affiliate program and would like us to join?) 

...purchase ad space on the banner/video-ad spaces available on
CentList STATIC and on CentList INTERACTIVE.

(For STATIC, contact Keith Anderson.)
(For INTERACTIVE, contact Myke Carter.)


 We’re seeking partners interested in developing the individual ASC enterprises—especially those dedicated to Green Commerce, Fair Trade, and to ushering in a more balanced socio-economic system. Contact ASC if you have significant skills in Web development, technology and/or business skills, and/or have investment capital.

(Seeking Partners)
P.O. Box 4051
Bluefield, WV 24701
United States