From GPF Auction Participants

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As the first supplier for the CentList Green Product Fund, I definitely recommend it as a unique, promising and up-and-coming method of offering green goods the mass marketplace. It is always rewarding to be able to support initiatives such as this one at the grass roots, ground level.

I have not seen anyone else offering this type of project of offering green goods at starting bids of only one cent. Keith Anderson has been working on this project for a number of years and as far as I know has been supporting it out of his own finances. I was happy to pitch in and help him by offering the Fair Trade baskets for the first offering.

I hope you also join Keith in his earnest efforts to make lots of green and Fair Trade goods available for purchase at irresistibly affordable prices to more people by participating in helping to make the GPF grow to the point where this dream becomes an everyday reality.

Best regards,
Cael Chappell, Owner
CentListInteractive.com Member # 74

CentList is an innovative marketing tool designed to connect sellers and buyers of green products. It is a grass-roots endeavor that helps small businesses market their wares without having to invest in prohibitively expensive advertising campaigns, thus allowing them to keep their prices lower. It is also a way for buyers to search for and connect with sellers of earth-friendly and socially responsible products. Centlist is an internet version of markets and bazaars, where citizens come together to buy and sell without the spin of slick marketing campaigns. It is a by-the-people, for-the-people means of doing commerce, and doing good for the world at the same time.

Also, I have twice purchased products via the Green Product Fund auctions and have been very satisfied with both the speedy service and quality of goods. The GPF is a great way to get green goods into the hands of the people.

Ruth Henriquez Lyon, Owner
CentListInteractive.com Member # 3

After working with CentList and purchasing from their last Green and Sustainable goods auction I was impressed at the professionalism and personal service that was afforded me on all levels. I felt a real interest in providing personal attention. Any questions and concerns that I had arose were responded to in a very timely and courteous manner. I also was impressed with the excellent quality and affordability of the goods that I had purchased.

Again was a pleasure doing business and working with CentList.

Clifford Krolick, Owner
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CentListInteractive.com Member # 88

CentList has terrific plans in the future to advance the cause of green/fair-trade commerce as well as help raise funds for some very beneficial charities and causes, with one such plan (now active) being the Green Product Fund auction--which I have twice participated in as a buyer and have been very satisfied both times with the speedy service and quality of goods for the price. If the GPF ever becomes wide-known, I see no stopping it as a dominant force in transforming conscientious commerce for the better. After all, who can resist the chance to get quality products at starting bids of only one cent?

I wish CentList and the GPF the best of luck in the mission to make the world a better place while saving buyers and sellers big bucks in the process.

Adrienne Catone, Owner
CentListInteractive.com Member # 103

The GPF should be strongly supported by all who care for the earth as well as the welfare of the laborers who inhabit it. With starting bids so low, I don't see how it could fail if enough people become aware of it. I certainly enjoyed receiving my natural body care products at such an affordable price.

The auction items are of first quality, and an unfathomable bargain. I gave half of the items as gifts, the other I kept for myself. It really is a great concept. I will definitely sign aboard again.

Along with that, I also admire the future plans for CentList. It will save save people a lot of money regarding the cheap fees it will charge as well as serve as a magnanimous fundraising force for good causes.

Plus more, I hope Keith greatly succeeds in his next endeavor to creating the ASCTF--a free electronic debit-payment mechanism eliminating all transaction fees. Such an asset would allow many sellers to lower prices and be more competitive.

Virginia Towler, Owner
CentListInteractive.com Member # 178

If I can say one thing about Keith and CentList, he is absolutely committed to the goals of his websites and his cause to make the world a better place. In an Internet full of venture capitalists and make-a-quick-buck sites, Keith is in it for the long haul. While I can't say I understand everything he is working on, I know he will put in all the necessary effort to do it right.

Eric Franklin, Owner
CentListInteractive.com Member # 108