For the Static site, it's all straight forward: Simple click on any link to go to that page.
(Note: Click on the CentList logo--at the top of pages--to return to CentList.com.)

(*For illustrative purposes, Member #80 will be used.)

(It's best to right-click on the tutorial links below and open the pages in a new window to keep this page open for reference.)

The INTERACTIVE site can be accessed by either clicking on the INTERACTIVE links at CentList.com and the pages of Static or by going directly to www.centlistinteractive.com.

 The “Visit Member #” Box is the quickest way to access a member’s **SELLER INDEX (**see below). Just type in his/her Member # and click GO. (*For this example, type 80 and click GO.) All you have to do is pay attention to the links. Basically, the only thing we can see that may throw you is navigating back and forth in relation to Seller #s and Entity #s. But, as indicated, the links are there.

PRODUCTS: After clicking PRODUCTS (either on the home page or in the side menu), you may narrow your search by selecting a “Category.” You must have at least one entry (*use “clock” for this example) in the “Title” field or in the “Description” field regardless of whatever other search parameters you set. You can narrow your search to certain localities via the local search filters (City, State/Province, Country). You may also, quickly, search for a product via any of the three codes (UPC, etc.).

SEARCH RESULTS: When results are obtained, on SEARCH RESULTS, you’ll have means to navigate from page to page, and you’ll see the listings in alphabetical order, with the primary image (if available) on the left, the listing title on top, and a brief description underneath. (Click “Modify Search” to alter the search parameters.) Click the title to see the detailed listing in a new window (LISTING INFO). Click the image on the RESULTS page and/or on LISTING INFO to enlarge it.

On LISTING INFO, you’ll see the title up top, the member (“by Member #80”) who posted the listing, the Entity the listing applies to, the member’s recruiter (“Recruited by”), and the “Send Email” link for contacting the member. Underneath the description will be any contact info the member provided (and/or that info could be included in the description itself). Clicking on the Member # link takes you to the member’s SELLER INDEX, clicking on the Entity # takes you to ENTITY INFO, and clicking on the “Recruited by Member” link takes you to the recruiter’s SELLER INDEX.

**On SELLER INDEX, you can see the name of the seller as well as his/her recruiter’s link, the “Send Email” link, and any entities he/she has registered (underneath ENTITIES AVAILABLE). Clicking an entity title takes you to that entity’s ENTITY INFO page.

On ENTITY INFO, you’ll see the title of the entity, the Member # of the seller, the entity’s Entity #, the recruiter link, links to the entity’s PRODUCT and SERVICE listings, “Send Email” to contact the member, the URL (if provided) of the entity, and any contact info the seller selected via the publicity boxes.

Clicking on “View Product Listings” or “View Service Listings” takes you to that entity’s LISTINGS INDEX, where that entity’s “Entity #” link becomes active for returning to ENTITY INFO and where a link is provided to switch to Product, or to Service, listings. Under PRODUCT (or SERVICE) LISTINGS, you can click on any title to see its detailed listing (LISTING INFO). After accessing LISTING INFO this way, simply click your browser’s “Back” button to return directly to LISTINGS INDEX (where you can select another listing) or click the “Entity #” to return to ENTITY INFO and navigate from there.

SERVICES: The only difference between PRODUCT and SERVICE searches is that SERVICE searches, of course, don’t offer the codes (UPC, etc.).

MASTER LIST: This list is very beneficial if you want to find a member/entity, if you’ve forgotten a seller’s Member #, or if you want to see if a person/entity is already a seller member before attempting to recruit him/her/it.

First, select whether you’re searching for an Entity name or a Seller by his/her first name or handle or last name or handle. Then select whether the engine should search for the data you'll type into the "Submit" field based upon it being the "Beginning with" or "Ending with" portion or whether your data will be "Containing" that portion. (Example: Searching the Seller Name "Bill Jones." To search "J," you would select "Search Sellers by Last Name or Alias / Handle" and also "Beginning with." Then you would type "J" into the "Submit" field and click "Submit.")

Seller results will lead to a list of seller names, Member #s (leading to their SELLER INDEX), and their recruiter’s Member # (leading to said recruiter’s SELLER INDEX). Entity results lead to entity titles, and Entity # links lead to their ENTITY INFO pages.

The difference between the CentList model and that of some other sites is that CentList allows sellers to list multiple entities under which to post their listings. Therefore, it makes it more convenient—and appropriate—to list both your business and personal items for sale. For example: If you register the entities “Jane Doe’s Legal Services” and “Jane Doe,” you would list all things pertaining to legal services under “Jane Doe’s Legal Services.” You certainly wouldn’t want to list “Negligee, black, Size 10, Brand New” under that entity; that’s strictly “Jane Doe.”

Actually, just about everything you need to know is already posted in “Seller Instructions”—accessible from your SELLER MENU after logging in. However, the many billions of variations of mentalities out there always interpret things differently and sometimes can’t grasp things written a certain way. So, we’ll offer a different take here to make sure you better understand.

LOGGING IN: If you forget your password, simply type in your Email and click “Send New Password.” The new password will be sent to the email you used in order to register. (Your email must be configured to accept CentList emails.)

To change your login, and other profile, info, click “Edit Profile,” make your desired changes, and click “Update.”

REGISTERING ENTITIES: After logging in, one of the first things you’ll want to do is register an entity or entities. (*MAKE SURE that you have official authority to represent any entity you register. See “POLICIES” for qualifying entities. *However, you may create a handle-entity to use to anonymously sell your personal items or items for others instead of using your or their personal name(s). CentList policy is that you register only one entity-handle on your account and then use that handle solely for personal-item sales as well as for selling items for any people you're selling for who do not want their official names/businesses/organizations registered as entities.) On SELLER MENU, click “Edit Entities” to go to ENTITY EDITOR. Make sure “Inventory” has “Add An Entity” selected. In “Entity Name” type in the business/organizational name or your personal name. Then complete the rest of the form by including the data pertaining to that specific entity. You may check any or all of the publicity boxes (the square boxes next to the fields of info) to indicate which data you want exposed to the public. After finishing, read “Terms,” check the box to agree, then click “Add.” Repeat this process for other entities you wish to register.

To update or delete an entity, click “Edit Entities” on the SELLER MENU. In “Inventory,” select the entity you want to update or delete. You can then make changes and click the “Update” button or just “Delete” the entity. The “VIEW” link allows you to view the ENTITY INFO page—where the public can access the entity’s Product and Service listings as well as contact info.

Each entity registered by a seller member will feature "Recruited by" links linked to his/her recruiter's SELLER INDEX page. Seller members will be subject to and bear the consequences of feedback from customers regarding the actions of all entities they have registered.

Recent features added are an Image Uploader (for adding an image representing the entity) and an Entity Description field (allowing for text that describes the entity). (As indicated below, it's best to upload images before registering an entity, with image titles having no special characters.)

POSTING LISTINGS: Before posting your listings, it’s best to upload all images beforehand (“Upload Images” on SELLER MENU). On the UPLOAD IMAGES page, click “Browse” to browse for the image you want. Open the image and see it’s title appear at the bottom of the box. (You’ll have to edit all images exceeding the 150Kb limit, and images must be PNG, GIF, JPG, or JPEG. Tip: Copy and paste the image into Microsoft Paint--or in some other program allowing for the reduction of resolution--and then save the image. And, of course, re-sizing the image is always an option.) After the image is opened, click “Submit.” A confirmation message appears if the image is successfully submitted. Repeat this process for other images. [(Note: Make sure all image titles are easily recognizable because titles are what you’ll use to select images for listings. Also, at this time, it's best to make sure that your image titles have only letters and/or numerals--no special characters (#, *, &, etc.).]

After all images have been uploaded, return to the MENU and click “Edit Listings” to reach LISTING EDITOR. Then, in “Available Entities,” select the applicable entity for your listings. Make sure “Add A Listing” is selected in “Available Listings.” Using the *image selectors (*the blue boxes with the downward-pointing arrows, on the opposite end of the "Upload Image" titles), select your image title(s)—limit of two. (If you haven’t already uploaded your image(s), you can use the “Upload” (Image) links to store more images; however, when you finish uploading and return to LISTING EDITOR, you’ll have to click the refresh button on your browser in order to have the image titles added to the selectors, which will erase any info you may have typed into your current LISTING EDITOR form. This is why it’s best to upload all needed images beforehand.) In “Type,” select whether you’re selling a Product or Service. Then type in the “Title” of the listing (you cannot re-use same titles), the URL pertaining to it (if applicable), and use the optional local filters (City, State, Country) if you want viewers to find you via searches conducted by using the locations you select for those filters. (Your listing will still appear in general searches where local filters aren’t used.) Add as many “Categories” as applicable to your listing. (Checking "All Categories" will cancel all other category selections.) If applicable, you may select either a UPC, ASIN, or an ISBN. You can fill the “Description” box with a limit of roughly 1,500 words. Along with any other info, you may list any contact info you want in your description, allow your publicity boxes to expose your contact info via ENTITY INFO, or just rely on the “Send Email” function. When finished, simply click “Add” to have the listing posted.

To update/delete a listing or to list a similar item, navigate from “Edit Listings” to LISTING EDITOR. Select the applicable entity, then select the listing in “Available Listings.” (Click “VIEW” to see the current listing.) To delete, simply click “Delete.” To update, make the desired changes and click “Update.” To list a similar item, click “List Similar Item” and then fill in the desired info. (You must compose a different title.) When finished, click “Add.”

MANAGING RECRUITS: Before recruiting, go to CentList.com, click on RECRUITMENT RESOURCES, and then read INSTRUCTIONS.

On SELLER MENU, click “View Recruits” to go to your recruit management page. In YOUR POTENTIAL RECRUITS, check the boxes of those recruits whom you wish to accept or reject, then click the appropriate button. In RECRUITS PENDING CENTLIST REVIEW, you’ll have 24 hours to “Unaccept” any recruits. After you accept a recruit, he/she is then sent to CentList for final approval—thus, RECRUITS ACCEPTED BY CENTLIST is self-explanatory. The remaining two categories are also self-explanatory. In all categories, you can click on a name to contact that individual. If a recruit is suspended or his/her account is closed, that recruitment credit is deducted from your account—but added back if the recruit is reinstated. Recruit enough, and you’ll land on the TOP 100 RECRUITERS list!

When you send an invitation (“Send Invitation”) to someone, they’ll receive any personal message you may add, plus the following standard message:

“You have been invited to join CentList!

Please click the link below to submit your registration. 

(Link displayed here.)” 

The link will lead to the registration form, with your Recruiter ID already included—so that you’ll be credited for the recruit if he/she registers and is accepted by CentList.