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DTG Bulk-Print Quotes for 300 of the
PCAA Chocolate Organic Tee (Men's & Women's)
(The struggle to get college athletes paid is really heating up! This Tee would be especially appealing to those
sympathetic to the cause and would bear a GREAT chance of selling out. Plus, it's
ORGANIC--appealing to eco activists.)

(*Note: You must have a maximum DTG printable area of at least 15" W X 17" L.)

I want organic fabric equal or better than the quality provided by Printfection (provider of my print-on-demand goods for regular customers). (Printfection uses Anvil Organic--5 oz., 100% organic cotton jersey fabric, pre-shrunk.)

The printer offering the best deal for the 300 and having the best capabilities will be paid to provide a sample shirt for quality inspection. If the quality is acceptable, I'll then take reserve-orders from bulk buyers--with the requirement being that they must buy in dozen-units. When those combined orders total at least 300 shirts, I'll instruct the buyers to send payment to the printer, whereby the printer will print the shirts when all payments have been received and ship the appropriate quantities of dozen-units directly to the individual buyers.

Your quote (shirt cost, printing, shipping) must be less than the Printfection.com Prices listed at bottom. *You must inform me of your maximum DTG print-area. (I want the image size to increase/decrease in size, remaining proportional to shirt size.) Also, you must provide a shipping-charge scale based on dozen-unit volume so that I'll know the total price to inform the buyers of.

(Note: To receive the image file, you must have access to Microsoft Publisher or be able to handle PNG files.)

Printfection.com Prices (minus shipping)
Sizes Kids (2-4) to Kids (14-16) thru Small to XL
300 Shirts for $17.99 Each
Size 2X + $3 per shirt
Size 3X + $4 per shirt